Ad-Autonomy training platform

Welcome to Ad-Autonomoy e-Training Platform

This website contains training contents and references to ICT Assistive Technologies for supporting the implementation of the training course and the experiential activities.

What is in the eTraining Platform?


We have defined 9 different dimensions referred to ordinary daily activities in which you can improve your level of autonomy.


Each of the dimensions contain educational and practical materials which will help you to improve your level of autonomy.


In order to put into practice what you have learn, we have prepared a set of activities you may wish to put in practice to show your progress.

Structure of the materials:

The materials of this course are classified into four different types:

Basic materials

A presentation containing the fundamental parts you have seen in the face to face meeting. This material can be downloaded at once for each dimension, or consulted in individual web pages linked to each of the dimensions.

Complete Material

A document describing the strategies you need to put in practice to improve your level of autonomy.


Every dimension has a set of activities which are provided by means of this website. Remember that the best way to learn is by doing!

Guidance materials

A supporting material for the course teachers which contains the script and the methods of the course.

Project description

This platform belongs to the AD-AUTONOMY project, launched with the main objective of increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of Persons with Initial/Mild Alzheimer, Families and Caregivers, about how to improve their Quality of Life through Autonomy through an innovative training program.