AD-AUTONOMY co-creation session in Turkey

Co-Creation Sessions

Co-Creation Sessions are working sessions organised in each country (Spain, Turkey, Slovenia, UK and Greece) in order to co-design an innovative training program for increasing the competences (attitudes, skills, knowledge) of Persons with Initial/Mild Alzheimer’s Disease, Families and Caregivers, about how to improve Quality of Life through Autonomy.

Working sessions are planned to involve persons with Alzheimer, their families and support, and professionals.

Turkey experience

We had the first session on Turkey last Monday (16th of April) in a centre of Turkey Alzheimer Association (Turkiye Alzheimer Derneji).

We had a very successful session, with 5 patients and, 6 family members, 3 professionals, one observer and one facilitator. Two of the patients participated alone, one patient participated with 2 members of his family, 2 patients had one family member each and two carers participated without their patients. Two of the professionals were nurses with more than 25 years of experience and one was a neurologist who is also a board member of Turkey Association.

We had a very pleasant, easy-going session with little tears, a slight trace of denial, a bit of complaints from both patients and families -in different aspects-, but also lots of laugh?

Turkey working session team
Turkey working sessions partcipants

During the following days, we will have similar sessions in the rest of countries and we will share our experiences.

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