2nd co-session with End-Users by AUTH Medical Physics Lab

In the framework of the preparation of the training materials and experiential activities for the implementation of the “AD-Autonomy” training platform and activities, the Medical Physics Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), held the second Co-Creation Session with End-Users on Tuesday, 5th of June 2018, in the premises of the Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab (Thess-AHALL).

The AUTH Medical Physics Lab research team welcomed a total number of eight participants (four elderly people, suffering from Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or having subjective memory complaints, one of which has the dual role of the family caregiver, one relative and three professional caregivers) in an open discussion on the results of the first co-creation session, regarding the perception of Autonomy of People with Initial/Mild Alzheimer’s Disease (PwA) and its main dimensions.

The 120-minute session was held in a quite, friendly and warm environment with the active participation of all attendees, who commented on a list of proposed activities, as it derived from the first round of the co-creation sessions, organized by all partners of the project. Participants discussed on how these activities could maintain the Autonomy and enhance the competences of PwA, also expressing their views on the best practices that could help family and professional caregivers be “supporters” and not “guardians” of PwA.

In the second part of the co-creation session, the older adults, as well as caregivers, discussed on the potential support that ICT tools / Assistive Technologies could offer to patients and their care partners to manage the initial stages of the disease. The AUTH research staff members (one moderator and one facilitator) presented the future goals of the “AD-Autonomy” project team, regarding the design of a number of training activities and applications that will be evaluated by end-users, during the round of the co-validation sessions. Participants discussed on accessibility and usability issues, regarding project’s e-Training Platform.

On behalf of the “AD-Autonomy” Project Consortium, the AUTH Medical Physics Lab expresses warm acknowledgments to all attendees for this very productive session.

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