AD-AUTONOMY co-creation session in Spain

Co-creation sessions

As it was planned, we follow with AD-AUTONOMY co-creation working sessions with users, families and professionals, that will help us to design a training programme for people with Alzheimer with the main objective of increasing competences and skills of this collective, in order to improve their quality of life through autonomy.


Last Tuesday, 24th of April, we hold the second co-creation session, in the day centre of Alzheimer that AFA-CS has in Villareal.

In this session participated 17 persons, 4 of them were users, 5 family members and 4 professional, 2 were observers and one facilitator of the session. Three of the patients participated alone (they are daily users of Villareal centre) and one of them participated with her daughter. The rest of caregivers participated without their patients.

The session was driven by the facilitator around two main areas, the first one about what dimensions of autonomy they considered important and what help they need to maintain them. The other main area was centred in technology, haw it can help to increase or maintain autonomy and if they use it in their daily activities.

The session was pleasant, fruitful, and all participants had the opportunity to share their experiences , opinions and emotions.